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The trial version of Grupo AIA's HELMTM-Flow (64 bit) is now freely downloadable through the link on the side column of this page. It will expire on June 1st, 2018. This trial version is limited to 60 buses. Commercial use is forbidden. The license is restricted to academic, R&D, and trial uses as specified in the end-user license agreement that users must accept before downloading (also provided in the download). For more information on commercial licenses or other types of trial licenses, please contact helmsupport@aia.es


HELMTM-Flow is a simulation and analysis tool for power flow studies in transmission and distribution grids. It delivers fast, accurate, and unequivocal solutions, since it is based on an innovative and unique methodology for solving the power flow equations. At the core of HELMTM-Flow is the novel power-flow engine based on the Holomorphic Embedding Load-flow Method (HELMTM). More information on HELMTM and the HELMTM-Flow product can be found at www.elequant.com. EleQuant Inc. is a US-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of Grupo AIA www.aia.es.

How to use HELMTM-Flow in iPST

To run the software, the user has to enter the following command in a terminal:

itools run-loadflow --case-file <FILE> [--help] [--output-file <FILE>] [--output-format <FORMAT>] [--skip-postproc]

For example, if the user wants to run a calculation on the example file provided with the distribution, he/she has to type:

itools run-loadflow --case-file examples/input_IEEE14/ --output-file examples/output_IEEE14nodes.txt


1. --case-file <FILE> the case path
2. --help display the help and quit
3. --output-file <FILE> export to a file
4. --output-format <FORMAT> output formats available: ascii, csv (default is ascii)
5. --skip-postproc skip network importer post processors (when configured)


The loadflow factory should be configured to use HELMTM-Flow in the file componentDefaultConfig.properties.
Configuration line: LoadFlowFactory=com.elequant.helmflow.ipst.HelmFlowFactory

Contact and support

Contact: helmsupport@aia.es